The Publishing Trap Online & In-Person

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In March 2020 we had been working to complete a new version of the Publishing Trap when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

Rather than release a boardgame, we diverted our energy to creating The Publishing Trap Online. The game is a team game, played by up to 24 players in up to 4 teams. It retains many elements of the original boardgame, minus the board.

It is designed to be played in a virtual classroom software with break-out room functionality. This replicates the team discussions that would have taken place as players sit around the board and make decisions relating to their character. However, it is also possible to play this version of the game as an in-person resource with face-to-face discussions instead of breakout rooms.

The Publishing Trap Online is available to download and includes:

  • A set of instructions about how to set up and run the online version of the game (including template forms which are used for teams to respond)
  • An interactive set of Powerpoint slides with notes to assist the facilitators which are used to lead the session.