Becoming a copyright specialist part two

Photo of Neil Sprunt
Neil Sprunt, University of Manchester – copyright specialist and cat lover!

We are delighted to be hosting a second webinar on the topic of ‘Becoming a copyright specialist’ on Friday 1st July (the first one was held in November 2021). There is an important emphasis on the word ‘becoming’ – it’s a process, it’s a journey, it’s not necessarily a destination. I am reminded of a blog post by David White, Head of Digital Education at the University of the Arts, London on ‘Becoming’ where he likens education as a process of becoming. I know many of us in the copyright sphere struggle with the ‘imposter syndrome’ lurking on the LIS-Copyseek mailing list listening to what others have to say on a topic. But for many of you who read our blog, what you know about copyright is probably an awful lot more than many ‘regular’ people. It may be a process, but it’s probably not until you stop that you realise how much you actually do know, but also how much you need to keep on learning all the time.

We have three regulars at the webinars, all at various stages of ‘becoming a copyright specialist’ joining us on Friday to share their story with you. Wendy Lynwood, from LSE, Neil Sprunt from University of Manchester and Chris Slater from the University of Kent will be our guest presenters. It promises to be a good one, so do tune in at 11am, no booking required. Regulars will know, there will be news, jingles and time for questions (and most likely just one last thing). Hope to see you there.

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