Copyright Literacy at ECIL2021: returning to our spiritual home

ECIL Conference

A few weeks ago, Chris and I were delighted to present virtually at the European Conference on Information Literacy, (ECIL2021) which we often refer to as the ‘spiritual home of copyright literacy.’ It was here in 2014 in Dubrovnik I first came across Tania Todorova’s presentation of the findings from the copyright literacy survey and this marks the start of an exciting journey over the past 7 years. For those interested in finding out more about this, we have made our video presentation on Copyright Literacy 2021: 7 years on from the copyright survey available for general viewing. We maintain an ongoing list of publications that originate from the international copyright literacy survey on our website.

ECIL is a great conference, and while it was good to meet friends from around the world virtually, we very much hope we can return to this conference in person in 2023. All the presentations from the ECIL conference are all available on their YouTube channel.

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