Creating Knowledge conference report

Photo by Jane Secker. Instead of Tromsø in midnight sun in July this is Kent in July as we presented online

A recent blog post on the Information Literacy website by Emma Burnett, includes a write up of the Nordic conference, Creating Knowledge. The conference was held in June 2021. I was fortunate to be invited to give one of the keynotes at this conference, which focused primarily on the role of frameworks and models in supporting information literacy. My keynote is available to watch online and also you can view my slides on Slideshare. While I was disappointed not to be able to travel to Tromso, there was a lot to be learnt from the conference and Chris and I particularly liked the studio set up the conference chairs used and were inspired to create a similar (albeit DIY!) look for Icepops last month.

However perhaps of greater interest to readers of this blog is that Chris also gave a talk at the conference introducing the Kent Copyright Literacy Strategy. The strategy was launched last year, so it was an opportunity to talk about the process he went through to develop the strategy, but also what’s happened since, given that it was launched during the pandemic. You can read the abstract from the talk in the conference proceedings. He has also made his slides available on Slideshare.

The entire conference proceedings have been published open access.

In his talk Chris also flagged up that those interested in Copyright and Online Learning, may wish to join the ALT Copyright and Online Learning Special Interest Group.

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