Copyright Dough: new project report and upcoming webinar

Hannah Pyman, Scholarly Communications Co-ordinator at the University of Essex

Today’s guest post is from Hannah Pyman, Scholarly Communications Co-ordinator at the University of Essex who reports on the latest developments with the game Copyright Dough.

Last March, in what feels like a different world, I wrote a post on this blog about Copyright Dough – a game designed by me and Katrine Sundsbo to teach and bring discussion around copyright licences and exceptions. At the time, we were full of optimism about taking Copyright Dough to various conferences and institutions throughout 2020. Turns out COVID had other plans!

But we re-thought, and thanks to the LILAC Conference’s collaboration with the Journal of Information Literacy have written a project report all about Copyright Dough. The project report explains the inspirations behind the game, explores the development process, and gives details on how the game can be played by others. You can read our project report , and we’re always happy to answer any questions about it too.

We’re also now planning how we can somewhat transfer the very hands-on Copyright Dough game to an online format. Just as we’d started to think about this, Jane and Chris kindly invited us to speak about Copyright Dough at an upcoming Copyright in a Time of Crisis webinar, and we couldn’t think of a better audience to give an exclusive demo of the initial parts of the game we’ve transferred online to! We’re scheduled to be joining that webinar on the 12th February, and look forward to being able to show you our initial steps toward what a virtual Copyright Dough game might look like. We’ll also be talking about the development of the game, and are happy to answer any questions about the gamification of scholarly communications.

Disclaimer: unfortunately we cannot promise play dough will be involved! What we can promise though is that the essence of using a game-based approach to bring discussion about the sometimes-complicated world of copyright licences and exceptions will remain!

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