WONKHE publish our post on copyright literacy

This week has been a really hectic week for us both and we have just delivered our 13th webinar in our weekly series hosted by ALT. However, we were absolutely delighted to see a blog post we have been writing for a month or so finally see the light of day on Tuesday this week. Chris and I are no strangers to writing about copyright, but I had been going on at him for some time about writing for WONKHE, the HE policy blog, to try and get our message about copyright literacy outside the echo chamber. We both feel strongly that working within our community is really important, but also advocating for a recognition of the work that is being done at a higher level is needed. This is why it was really exciting to see our post on this prestigious blog. Rather than reproduce the text of it here, if you haven’t seen it do pop across to WONKHE to read the post in full, it’s entitled ‘Will the pandemic force universities to address the issue of copyright?

We also presented this week at the SCURL Copyright Conference which took place on Zoom and have made our slides available on Slideshare.

Finally we are excited to be running our first set of workshops to help develop a ‘Code of Fair Practice’ for the use of audiovisual works. We’re working with Learning on Screen and our first workshops are aimed at Film Studies lecturers. Watch this space for further developments.

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