Zoom On In: the role of games and play in copyright literacy

On 13 February 2020, 10 am EST (3 pm London, UK time) we will be taking part in a Zoom On In session organised by Lesley Ellen Harris who runs the website Copyrightlaws.com. You can REGISTER NOW for this free session! There is further information on her website but we’ve reproduced this below:

Hear Chris Morrison and Jane Secker talk about their approach to copyright education, the relationship of copyright literacy to information and digital literacy, and the role of games and play in learning.

Chris and Jane are two UK educators who are passionate about copyright education. In the last few years they’ve developed a number of games in the field of copyright education, including Copyright the Card Game and the Publishing Trap, both of which are licensed under Creative Commons. They also run the UK Copyright Literacy website regularly featuring guest posts from copyright experts from around the world.

Two years ago they launched the Icepops conference, which is the International Copyright Literacy Event with Playful Opportunities for Practitioners and Scholars. Their 2020 Icepops conference will be held in Cardiff Wales on 7th July.

We hope that some of you will join us for this session which we are really looking forward to. Lesley wrote a blog post for us last year about the guide to copyright literacy that she launched.

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