Announcing the Copyright Literacy t-shirt store

Jane and Chris at CopyCamp2018

We’re really busy at the moment working on a number of projects, so you may have noticed slightly fewer blog posts than normal. Most significantly we are working on v2.0 of our board game the Publishing Trap. We’ve been using all the feedback we have received over the last 2 years and refining various aspects of the game to iron out any inconsistencies and make it easier to play (and facilitate). We’ll blog more about this work soon, so watch this space.

However, this week’s short blog post focuses on a topic very close to our hearts: t-shirts. We were doing some training earlier in the week for librarians in Northern Ireland and as usual were wearing one of our copyright novelty t-shirts. The Periodic Table of Copyright Exceptions is a great geek t-shirt and people often ask if they can buy one. Well in fact you can, and for some time we’ve had a Merchandise Store hosted by the company that produced the t-shirts for us, The T-shirt Studio. We’ve now got a link on the website to the T-shirt store, where you can also buy other exciting gifts such as Icepops mugs and an apron with the Periodic Table of Copyright Exceptions on. I hope that one day we might have a tea towel too, but for the time being you’ll have to make do with t-shirts, aprons and mugs! Have a great weekend everyone!

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