The night before Icepops returns…..

Last year we ran the first International Copyright-Literacy Event with Playful Opportunities for Practitioners and Scholars (Icepops) as a satellite conference of LILAC (the UK’s information literacy conference). We had almost 70 delegates who came from around the world to share their approaches to copyright education including games, videos, maps and images. It was a resounding success and so of course we wanted to run the event again. Now, a year on we are on our way to Edinburgh where 80 delegates will be joining us for the return of Icepops. We’ve also got a bit of a musical theme and our opening keynote, Simon Anderson Director of the Audio Network will also be joining a house band made up of conference delegates at tomorrow’s evening celebration at Teviot Row House.
Charlie Farley from the Open Education team at the University of Edinburgh is our second keynote and she’ll be talking about the value of playful approaches to learning as well as running a board game jam tomorrow afternoon. We recently recorded a Copyright Waffle with Charlie if you’d like to find out more about her. The full Icepops programme is now on the website and we’ll be making the slides from the lightning talks, peach kucha sessions and the world cafe available from the in due course.
Because it’s a standalone event we’ve arranged some additional activities for delegates, some of whom are coming from as far afield as New Zealand, Canada and the US. On Thursday we have a tour of St Cecilia’s Music Hall and Museum and we will be following that with a meeting of the international copyright literacy community of practice. Stephen Wyber from IFLA and Lisa Hinchliffe the Chair of the IFLA Information Literacy Section (who are running a plenary panel on Wednesday) are joining us for this meeting to talk about the role of library associations in supporting librarians to be copyright educators.
Whether you are joining us at Icepops or following remotely on twitter (#icepops2019) we hope everyone enjoys the day and we’re really looking forward to bringing the copyright literacy roadshow to Edinburgh!

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