Copyright Guidance at the University of Central Lancashire

UCLan Copyright Guidance team

We were delighted to receive this guest blog post from the Copyright Guidance Team at University of Central Lancashire. The team includes Kate Yates, Louise Smith and Clare Lane (pictured in this order). Kate (Licencing Admin Officer) Clare (Software Officer) and Louise (Faculty Librarian for Lancashire Law School) have been working together to update and improve the copyright information available to staff via the intranet as well as promoting their service and contact details. In this blog post they describe how they have used Copyright the Card Game during informal lunchtime sessions.

A few years ago, copyright was merged with Software Licensing and with the addition of a Faculty librarian, a new copyright team took on the copyright challenge.  After a steep uphill climb, attendance at several training courses and a move to the DCS we felt ready to tackle the update to our webpages.  This quickly turned into a rewrite and the inclusion of a modified version of ‘Can I Use It’ from Manchester University.  Having achieved this the next step was to publicise it and so we decided to run some awareness courses using Copyright the Card Game as the foundation.

As we knew staff would be busy and unlikely to sign up for courses taking up full mornings or afternoons we set about modifying the game to fit into a lunchtime slot.  The course was promoted as a fun interactive session and was bookable via our internal courses hub.  We were surprised to see on our first session we had a full course and a waiting list.

An added incentive was the offer of a free pack of cards for attendance.

To ensure the session fitted into a tight time slot we modified it to be played in two rounds.  Round one uses Works and Usages and round two is played using all the cards.  Chris and Jane’s PowerPoint presentation was modified to fit in with this and the course broken down into four parts.

1          Introduction and run through of copyright questions

2          Explanation of Works and Usage, playing and ‘marking’ round one

3          Explanation of other cards and fair dealing, playing and ‘marking’ round two

4          Roundup and questions

To save having to explain the scenario we created another set of eight cards, which we called the Scenario cards, so that they could just be handed out with the round one objects and at the start of round two.

We have now run the course both with library staff as a trial and with a group of staff who signed up and it has gone very well.  Everyone who attended found it useful and enjoyed playing the card game and the discussions it provoked.  As is always the case with a training session the main negative that we have had is that there wasn’t enough time so we are considering adding an extra 15 mins.

If you would like more details on how we have adapted this resource feel free to email

We’d like to thank the UCLAN team for sharing their experience of using the game and are interested to see if we can incorporate the scenario cards into the next version of the game. We are also aware that time is precious and running the game as a lunch time session is something many people want to do. If you have made any adaptations to the game we’d love to hear from you so we can share these with the community of copyright card game users.

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