Creative reuse of audiovisual material: Learning on Screen Members Day

We are pleased to see another exciting line up for the Learning On Screen Members Day this year, which is taking place this year at RSA House on the 7th December. The event has a particular focus on creative reuse of audiovisual material and is an opportunity to explore and discuss their most pressing questions and concerns about copyright with leading experts and practitioners. Colleagues at Learning on Screen tell us…. 

The use and creative reuse of audiovisual works play an increasingly crucial role in education. Teachers need access to a wide range of audiovisual materials to support their teaching, and students engage more and more with creative practices such as video essays and educational mashups. There are decisions to be made, and these decisions are being structured by copyright law. In this context, understanding what uses are covered by licensing schemes such as the ERA licence and which can be enabled by copyright exceptions becomes particularly important.

The 2018 Learning on Screen Members’ Day will be dedicated to Copyright & Creative Reuse. We are delighted to announce that the day will start with a keynote by one of the world-leading experts in the field of copyright law: Lionel Bently, the Herchel Smith Professor of Intellectual Property Law at the University of Cambridge. Professor Bently’s keynote will explore the creative uses of audiovisual works unlocked by the 2014 reforms of the quotation right. The day will also feature a number of engaging presentations and interactive sessions with representatives from the Educational Recording Agency (Helena Djurkovic), the British Film Institute (Annabelle Shaw), the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management at Bournemouth University (Prof Dinusha Mendis and Dr Hayleigh Bosher), and Learning on Screen (Sergio Angelini and Bartolomeo Meletti).

The Learning on Screen AGM will also take place during the day and the full programme for the day and booking information is on their website.

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