UK Copyright Literacy on holiday!

London and South East Copyright Community of Practice members in Canterbury

It’s been a hectic few months and there are still plenty of exciting events coming up in the autumn for the UK Copyright Literacy Team.  However, we’re are going to be taking a break over the next couple of weeks, so traffic on our twitter account and on the blog may be less frequent until the end of August. Copyright is a tiring business you know, so we all need a break sometimes! However, this week has been busy and fun, with a meet-up of the London and South East Copyright Community of Practice (known as Sherlock) at the University of Kent campus. Here we all are enjoying the beautiful sunshine, outside the Templeman Library on Monday.

We hope when we return to be able to announce the venue and date for Icepops 2019, as we’ve been busy behind the scenes planning next year’s event. We’re also delighted to have been invited to present at CopyCamp in Warsaw, Poland in early October. But before that we both need a rest. Enjoy August folks!

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