Come play Copyright the Card Game at London Info International

On Tuesday 5th December we will be running a Copyright the Card Game workshop at the London Info International conference at the Business Design Centre. The conference has a range of interesting strands, one of which is on the theme of ‘Impact, access, ownership and rights.‘ When we saw the call for papers earlier in the year, we felt it was an ideal place to run our workshop.

Under this theme, the conference was looking to discuss issues such as:

Information rights under stress – how can the information industry adjust to the challenges of a growing low or no pay, sharing culture among information consumers

  • The real relevance of copyright in a world where consumers openly share copyrighted information
  • Copyright literacy and education – what information professionals need to know about copyright law
  • Legal rights in reusing scientific and business information – is it time to rethink our approach? Collaboration across the industry to explore new models.

We’ve been playing Copyright the Card Game with librarians and information professionals for a few years now, so we hope that some publishers might also attend our workshop at the conference. The game was designed to provide a balanced approach to understanding copyright law, including how licences work and when exceptions might apply. We are playing an abridged version of the game, so hope to be able to have a discussion at the end about how it can be used in copyright education by participants. It will also be good to get feedback from people outside of higher education. If you’d like to book then our workshop is in the free part of the conference and places are filling up fast!


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