Librarians’ experiences of copyright: from anxiety to empowerment

Image by Kristina Alexanderson CC-BY
Image by Kristina Alexanderson CC-BY

This week is open access week and how timely that the recent article we wrote in the journal ALISS Quarterly is available on open access via the Kent open access repository (KAR) and LSE Research Online.

In the article we discuss some of the findings from the focus groups we carried out earlier this year to explore librarians’ experiences of copyright, to understand more about the variations that exist. Why do many librarians shy away from copyright, while others revel in it and become passionate about the subject, so much so they almost turn into copyright geeks like us? We wanted to find out more because this should surely help us to support others better, when planning workshops. We used the research method phenomenography and we briefly describe this approach in the article and the emerging findings. A longer journal article is planned for next year however so watch this space.

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