Copyright literacy at ALT-C

It’s been a busy week as we were at the Association for Learning Technology’s annual conference in Warwick (ALT-C). On Wednesday Chris and I were presenting some interim findings from our survey carried out in February this year on copyright and IPR issues and lecture recording. We’ve made the slides available and had some great questions. We concluded that that lecture recording still is an evolving area where there are some uncertainties about what is and isn’t acceptable under copyright exceptions in UK law. However, our report, which is due to be published in a few weeks, also highlights that there are a variety approaches to copyright and IPR policies in HE currently, and that open practices are far less common than might be expected. Overall, we need some help and supportive guidance for the community here and to engage with academic colleagues so they can make informed choices over issues such as their own rights and consent, and the third party content they might want to use in lectures.

In addition, to catching up with friends and colleagues, I also gave a keynote on Thursday morning, which was a fantastic opportunity to speak to the learning technology community about the importance of developing their understanding of copyright, and not just relying on the ‘experts’ or specialists in their institution. You can watch a recording of the keynote on You Tube, so I won’t say much more here, but will write further reflections on my own blog in a few days, when I have come down from the ceiling.


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