The Publishing Trap characters

There are four characters in the Publishing Trap game. Players, working in teams, must decide what their character would do in each situation. The characters are:

Mary Mercurial

Mary is an astrophysicist studying dark matter and deep space. She spends her spare time tinkering with her motorbike and making her own wine.

Simon Selleck

Simon is an English Literature researcher, specialising in the work of Jane Austen. He likes theatre and paintballing in his spare time.

Brian Bellamy

Brian is a microbiologist researching environmental factors affecting cell mutations. He’s studious and hardworking. He has an allotment.

Carly Clementine

Carly is a criminologist studying gangs in south east London. She is highly social, playing football and helping at her son’s school.

As more people play the game we hope to invite people to create new characters in different disciplines to widen the games’ appeal to researchers across the disciplines.