Welcome to the home of UK Copyright Literacy for everyone interested in copyright education.

Copyright Literacy is defined as “Acquiring and demonstrating the appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable the ethical creation and use of copyright material.”

This site is for everyone interested in fostering a better understanding of copyright and intellectual property rights issues in the UK. It is aimed primarily at people with responsibility for communicating and modelling ethical practices relating to copyright and related rights, such as librarians, archivists, curators, teachers, researchers and copyright support staff. However it is intended to promote enlightened conversation on the subject for anyone whose professional or personal life is significantly affected by copyright.

We believe ‘copyright education’ is not about telling people what they can’t do, or telling only one side of the story. It should be empowering and help people make their own informed decisions through understanding their rights and understanding the relationship between licences and copyright exceptions in a practical context.