Guidance for Guest Bloggers

We frequently accept opinion pieces, news items or other topical posts from guest bloggers on our website. Below is some guidance aimed at those writing for the UK Copyright Literacy blog.

1) Think of your audience – our readers have an interest in copyright literacy and copyright education. They tend not to be lawyers and so we are usually looking for stories that relate to the way in which you might teach others about copyright or a significant development that might have an impact on education or the broader cultural heritage sector. For that reason we also ask you avoid any legal jargon where possible, or add in some explanation and plenty of links to where people can find out more.

2) Length – we are typically looking for pieces of up to 1000 words. If you have a lot to say, then we suggest you might want to plan several blog posts. Our readers are looking for concise and accessible pieces of writing.

3) Licensing and copyright – you retain copyright in anything you write for our blog, however we do ask if you can grant a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC-BY-SA) for the text of the post, to allow others to re-publish or re-use your text. If you are not happy with our use of this Creative Commons Licence then please speak to us before you write anything. We are aware that you may wish to include photos in the blog post and we don’t expect you to publish your own photos with the same licence or (or this may not be possible). See more about photos below.

4) Photos – we like our blog posts to be illustrated with images where possible. If you have your own photos then that’s great, if you are using photos from elsewhere then we recommend you find some images licensed under CC-BY and provide the credits for us. As we said above, we make it clear to readers of our blog that photos are not licensed in the same way as the text, provided you have permission to include the images or they are openly licensed.

5) Biography – can you please supply us with a short biography about yourself and ideally a recent photograph. We like to introduce our guest bloggers and a short biography provides our readers with information about you, where you work and your interests in copyright. You can also include links to your website or twitter account and point readers to where they can read more of your work!

6) Stance – we tend to be fairly copyright minimalist in our views, however we welcome all flavours of approaches to copyright and copyright education. We welcome people with views different to our own writing guest blog posts.

7) Anything else? Then please get in touch with us! Please don’t submit us unsolicited pieces for the blog though. If you have an idea about writing a guest blog post then please get in touch via our Contact Form first to discuss your idea with us.