ARFIS (Academic Reading Format International Study)

ARFIS is the Academic Reading Format International Study to explore the reading preferences of students, originating from work by Information Literacy practitioner Diane Mizrachi at UCLA in the USA. The group have a community Facebook page and we attended a paper presented by the researchers at ECIL 2015 (European Conference on Information Literacy) held in October 2015 at Tallinn University.

The ARFIS study has been taken up by 25 countries and is being led by Joumana Boustany and Serap Kurbanoglu, (one of the organiser of the ECIL conference). Many of members of the team that coordinated the international copyright literacy survey which we ran here in the UK, are now involved in this study.

The UK survey is available was available for students in UK higher education from 18th February until 31st March 2016. Students from any UK institution could complete the survey so we would encourage you to share the link with them.